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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Malayalam Movie Traffic; Review

Movie Name :Traffic Director: Rajesh R.Pillai
Cast: Srinivasan, Kunchacko Boban, Anoop Menon, Asif Ali, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Ramya Nambeesan, Sandhya
Producer: Listin Stephen
Music: Mejo Joseph, Samson Kottoor
Script: Bobby-Sanjay

Review By : Thanseer M.A

Rating : 4/5

Rajesh Pillai is the director who debuted in Malayalam film with Kunchacko Boban starrer Hridayathil Sookshikkan which was forgettable. After more than half a decade he is back with a second film, Traffic which has positively blown away the audience.
Where this film aces over recent thrillers like Apoorva Raaagam and Passenger is its core value of thrill which keeps the viewers tapping their feet in anticipation from commencement to end. Rajesh Pillai gets respect over the makers of Cocktail due to its originality.
The casting was impeccable and director was able to unveil performance from actors. The accident shots were taken with aesthetics and atmost believability. Cinematography though not flashy kept up the mood and caught the thrill.  Back ground music was racy and editing sustained the rhythm.
Writers Sanjay – Bobby are the heroes behind the film. After their melodramatic Ente veedu Apponteyum and uninspiring Notebook, here comes a film that has class as well as value. The script is Hollywood material, dialogues are classic, especially those said by Lena. Motivating dialogues delivered by Jose Prakash is going to stay and inspire multitude. The beauty of the film is its humbleness.
Big star casts rarely make into meaningful films but this film worked out fine. Not a single character shown in film lacks importance. Everyone acted well and some of them have enacted the best roles in years. It is curious that Anoop Menon is seen in many good movies like Pakal Nakshatrangal, Thirakkatha, etc. Asif Ali got a meaty role. Ordinary people’s Superstar Sreenivasan looks apt.
Resemblances with Hollywood film Speed and Oscar winner Crash are evident. Song as in Nadodigal has also been discussed by spectators followed by simple errs like using same Phone numbers for different situations. But all this stood up only to a level, and the film has risen above it.
If this film was not titled Traffic, the second best name would have been ‘Thriller’ but was used earlier for another flick.  The ‘feel’ audience receive is what every director wants to achieve. This is what people come to art for. Traffic will remain an inspiration for filmmakers to arrive.  It proves again that a person can’t be written off; as heroes will comeback not only in movies. Through this film Rajesh Pillai made a statement, ‘I am here…’ and it reverberates as ‘never underestimate anyone‘.

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